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L and H.png|Legends and Heroes|link=Legends and Heroes series|linktext=The brand new adventures!
LH0008-cover-1476-388x600.jpg|The Young Archer|link=The Young Archer|linktext=The brand new book! The Young Archer
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== Welcome to the Stone Marshall Wikia! ==
<span class="countdown" style="display:none;">Only <span class="countdowndate">January 01 2016 00:00:00</span> until the new year...</span>
<hero description="Stone Marhsall" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>[ Stone Marhsall] is and author that makes books about minecraft. Visit his website [ here] His first book, Flynns Log rescue island(Free on the ibooks store.) came out on April 15, 2014. He made Flynns log 2-4 then started making Legends and Heroes. You can get his books on ibooks, and wherever ebooks are sold. Buy his books today!
== Wiki Rules ==
Please don't change pictures, text, and other without permission, or if it is needed, thanks!

Any problems? Contact Killer7012 at Thank you.

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[[File:Flynn's Log picture.png|link=Flynn's Log Characters|155px]]
[[File:Flynns-Log-1-Cover.png|link=Flynns Log Series|155px]]

[ Flynn's Log Characters]------[ Flynn's Log Books]----------[ Places and Objects]

[[File:L and H.png|link=Legends and Heroes characters|221x221px]][[File:Cover.jpg|link=Legends and Heroes series|155px]]

[ Legends and Heroes characters]--[ Legends and Heroes Books]

== News ==
There currently are {{NUMBEROFEDITS}} edits to this wiki.
|-|December 24=
FL5 out for preorder!
|-|December 23=
New book coming out soon! The name and cover art is revealed . It's called [[Quest For Zen]]! Coming out on December 25
|-|December 15=
Mommy look! A slider is on the wikia now!!!
|-| December 6=
Major Cleanup on the wiki, infoboxes for characters, etc. Also cleanup on the homepage, including tabbers!!!
|-| November 26 =
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's your present, I (Killer7012/Andrew)added quick-flip. On the bottom of every book page you can simply tap the name of a book and bam! You're there. Try it out [ here]. Also Templates!!!!!!!!

|-| November 25 =

Changed navigation to photo click. Also added weekly polls!
|-| November 7 =

The Young Archer released! New character, Lara, and her mother and father!
|-| November 1 =
Wiki added to Stone Marshall Website

Wiki complete with summaries and info of every book and character

Flynn's Log 5 coming on Christmas!!!

|-| October 29 =

Made Stone Marshall wiki

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! colspan="2" scope="col" style="text-align: center;" |[[Books]]
|[[Flynn's Log]]
|[[Rescue Island]] • [[Thorn's Lair]] • [[The Ultimate Form of Life]] • [[Offline]] • [[Quest For Zen]]
|[[Legends and Heroes]]
|[[The Blacksmith and his Apprentice]] • [[Keeper of Secrets]] • [[Kingdom at War]] • [[Into Madness]] • [[Race to the End]]•[[Metamorphosis]] • [[Quicksilver-Castle Bound]] • [[The Young Archer]]<br clear="all" />
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== Weekly Polls ==
|-| Poll 1 =
<poll>Which Flynn's Log do you like best?
Rescue Island
Thorn's Lair
The Ultimate Form of Life
|-| Poll 2 =
<poll>What's your favorite Legend's and Heroes?
The Blacksmith and the Apprentice
Keeper of Secrets
Kingdom at War
Into Madness
Race to the End
Quicksilver-Castle Bound
The Young Archer</poll>
|-|Poll 3=
<poll>Who do you think would win in a battle, Flynn, and Zana vs. Simon, Enzo, and Elle in Minecraft?
Flynn, and Zana
Simon, Enzo, and Elle</poll>

== Tweets ==
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